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Moderator | Presenter | Comms Trainer


Bridgid is a sought-after moderator and presenter, chairing panels, hosting conferences and events for organisations of all sizes. Clients include corporates and SMEs, charities and public sector bodies, industry associations and membership organisations.

Clients hire Bridgid for her journalistic rigor, authority, warmth and adept handling of debate for public and private events.  She honed these skills during a TV news career spanning more than 20 years.  She is a former Channel 4 News anchor and reporter and ITV News presenter.

Bridgid was named 'Outstanding Woman in Professional Services' at the 2018 Precious Awards, in recognition of her communications work across the public and private sectors, coaching spokespeople in media interview and public speaking skills, as well as advising press office, marketing and other communications teams in media relations/strategy.



A highly effective  and dynamic moderator, bringing authority, energy and warmth to panels and roundtables.  Clients include global tech firms, pharmaceuticals, charities, publishers, media companies and financial institutions.


Bridgid is an experienced and engaging presenter, known for  national TV news and factual formats.  She now presents content for corporate broadcasts and is a popular host at conferences, awards ceremonies and live events.


Corporate Interviews

A well-executed interview is a highly effective way to boost profile, announce news to teams or communicate with customers, investors suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders.

Media Trainer

Bridgid is a specialist in preparing high-profile speakers and spokespeople for media interviews, crisis/hostile interviews, Select Committee appearances, major speeches, panels. She also advises clients on media relations, strategy and crisis planning.

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